Friday, October 06, 2006

It's up to us - uh oh!

The early preseason reports on the Pacers revamped roster and style of play have certainly increased my interest and enthusiasm for the start of the NBA season. The marketing campaign, 'It's up to us!' is a nice, straight forward mea culpa from the team with Larry Legend's finger prints all over it. The message in a nutshell - we haven't played or acted very well and certainly weren't entertaining to watch. We get it and we're committed to change, so it's up to us.

Those positive vibes almost made it through the first week of training camp. But, alas, after four days of practice the starting backcourt, along with a couple of new faces, gets involved in a fracas outside Club Rio at 3:00AM. The fracas escalates into Stephen Jackson getting run down and flipping over the hood of a car. Jack squeezed off 5 rounds from his 9mm to bring an end to the incident as the other party sped off into the morning.

Fortunately, not unlike many nights in Conseco Fieldhouse last year, Jack was 0 for 5 and it appears nothing major will come from the incident. His injuries won't have him on the shelf for long and there don't appear to be any charges forthcoming from IPD. This despite an unclaimed bag of weed in Jamaal Tinsley's car.

And I thought I had a wild Thursday night after watching The Office and a little college football.

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