Friday, October 27, 2006

Preseason Game 8 vs. Utah Jazz

The preseason ended last night for the Pacers with a 122-96 loss to Utah. Actually the preseason ended in the first quarter when the Jazz threw 40 on the board. The scary part is that Carlisle played what will be the regular season rotation for a majority of the game. Not quite ready for prime time. Oh, well, at least they have a few days to prepare for the real games to begin.

I hate to keep harping on turnovers but another 30 TOs last night can't slide by without mention. Jasikevicius led the way with 8 to go along with zero assists and 7 points. His erratic to poor play must be mental on some level right now. Can't see him playing much if this carries over to the regular season.

On the plus side, Al and Jack had nice shooting nights tossing in 24 and 19 points, respectively. Nice effort, Jack. Keep quietly working your way back into the good graces of Pacer fans.

Mike Wells has a nice little wrap up on the preseason here. According to Coach Carlisle, "There's a lot that's still a mystery." Hopefully that mystery is solved before Thanksgiving.

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