Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reggie Miller No More

Reggie, er, Reginald Miller hoisted the first 3-ball of his post-playing career out in Hollywood last week as Boom Baby Productions premiered Beautiful Ohio at the American Film Institute's FilmFest. This LA Times article by J.A. Adande sums up the evening from Reggie's (sorry I gotta get used to this Reginald thing) perspective.

"I'm distancing myself," the man we know as Reggie Miller said. "Reggie, that was on the court. Reginald is the executive."
Occassionally, I read a message board poster or talk radio caller claim he heard a rumor that Reggie was preparing secretly to come back after the All-Star break to help solve the Pacers shooting woes and lead them through the playoffs. It's over people. Turn the page. Reggie has.

In case you can't tell the difference, Reggie Miller is on the left and Reginald Miller is on the right.

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