Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So, Jesus, Einstein, and Ricky Bobby Walk into a Bar...

David Harrison had a rare opportunity to start tonight in JO's absence but failed to take advantage of the opportunity by getting in foul trouble and only playing 18 minutes. He finished with 3 pts, 5 rebs, and 3 steals. But, let's not dwell on the negative. Harrison did provide some entertainment during a halftime "get to know you" feature.

He was asked which 3 people he would like to have dinner with. His answers amounted to 4 1/2 and included the first man ever on earth, Jesus (if he exists, then changed to a 9lb, 6oz. baby Jesus...OK) and Ricky Bobby. Then he mentioned Albert Einstein, but only if he'd speak in English since David doesn't speak German.

You can call him inconsistent at best and utterly not productive at worst while on the court. But, Harrison always brings his A-game to an interview off the court.
(Photo: NBAE/Getty)

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