Saturday, December 09, 2006

AI to Indy Rumors

The Pacers know all about a great player demanding a trade early in the year. Last year, Ron Ron made his trade demands public which destroyed Indy's bargaining position and delayed a trade until late in the year when the Kings were desperate to make a move. Now, Philly is in the same position with Allen Iverson. They're keeping him out of the next two games but there's no indication he'll be "suspended" until a trade is completed. Of course, a motivated AI should be a little easier to move than an unstable Ron Ron.

With the Sixers in a bind, speculation about the Pacers being able to move Jack or Tinsley or both to get Iverson have come up. Philly may be intrigued if they only saw last night's game, but I find it hard to believe they would take two players with such a checkered recent past. Not to mention, Jack still has multiple legal issues to resolve that MAY include jail time.

Donnie Walsh isn't talking -- simply indicating he's had no contact with Philly. I really can't see a deal working out for both teams, but we'll just have to sit back and ride this one out. Mark Montieth breaks it down nicely, pouring more cold water on a possible AI to Indy scenrario. Last night, speculation of trade partners for Philly heated up around the Pacers and Timberwolves. This morning it sounds like Boston, Dallas, and Denver want to join the party. Before it's over I'm sure more teams will be in the mix.

While players' futures are debated, the Pacers still have a big game tonight on the road against division heavyweight, Cleveland. With JO's hammy status sounding a little worse with each report, grinding out a win tonight is the top priority.

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