Saturday, December 02, 2006

Supersonics 105, Pacers 103: Buzzer Beaten

What comes around, goes around and for the Pacers it took one game to be on the flip side of a gut wrenching game winner, losing to the Supes, 105-103. Luke Ridnour hit an off balance one-handed floater over great defense from Danny Granger as the buzzer sounded. Read the Indy Star account of the game. A few observations from the game:

  • The Pacers came out running against the Supes, really pushing the ball even after makes. They made an effort to get the ball to the hole since the Sonics don't provide much resistance inside. It seemed to work for awhile and the Pacers were close to taking control of the game early in the second quarter with a strong showing from the bench. Then the turnover monster made an appearance.

  • The Supes stepped up their full-court pressure in the second quarter making the Pacers look like a junior high team that had never practiced against the press. They had 5 turnovers in a 7 possession span that lead to easy buckets for the Sonics and jacked up the home crowd. The careless ball handling and passing was excruciating. I fully expected Mt. Carlisle to blow his top and I'm sure he let off a little steam at the half.

  • JO's preseason hammy problems resurfaced last night. He went to the locker room in the first half to make diagnose the issue. He was able to return for the second half. We'll see if he can make the back-to-back in Denver tonight.

  • Hard to expect a win after giving up 22 points on turnovers alone, but as they've done most of the year, the Pacers battled through their ugliness to give themselves a chance to win in the end. Didn't fall their way last night but they get credit for battling.

  • Al Harrington is flat out strokin' it right now. After making 6 threes against Golden State he hit another 5 last night and shot 11-14 from all over the court.

  • Stephen Jackson showed he's not quite up for the Reggie prime time shooter label. After hitting the Reggie-esque game winner on Wednesday, he missed a couple of late 3-balls with the Pacers still down by two.

  • The Pacers head to Denver for a tough back-to-back tonight. They'll need to bring their running game again and some bench production from a couple of guys other than Danny Granger.

(Photo: AP Photo/Jim Bryant)

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