Monday, January 15, 2007

Nets 105, Pacers 95: There's Always Slick

Since today's Pacers-Nets was not televised locally, I listened to the radio call of Mark Boyle and Bobby 'Slick' Leonard. Slick is a local legend to all generations in Indiana because he played on the 1953 IU championship team, coached the Pacers to three ABA titles, and has been a long time color commentator with a style that easily entertains the listener. While he's past his prime, the down home twang in his voice combined with a unique analysis often ends up producing gems like his signature call for a three pointer, "Boom baby!" He often just delivers simple phrases reacting to the action or talks as if he's speaking to a player right in front of him. His twangy voice rises easily and his rhythmic laugh just makes you laugh.

You no doubt, have read various live blogging accounts of sporting events by bloggers watching the game and commenting on the action and the announcers. But how about blogging a radio call? While listening to the first half, I decided I needed to share the wisdom of Slick, so I started blogging the second half as described on the radio with Mark and Slick. Unless otherwise noted, all of the quotes are attributed to Slick. Oh, and the Pacers stunk all day, losing 105-95 but it wasn't nearly that close. Slick was the only thing that kept me listening and he didn't have much material to work with today.

- Before I get started, here is a link the Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech. Offers a little perspective on where we were, where we are today, and where we want to go. Also, helps dull the pain caused by a certain underperforming NBA team.

- Now that you're inspired you might as well laugh. Here is an interview with Elie...Seckback on The Basketball Jones podcast. If you don't know who Elie Seckback is just go to and search for "Elie Seckbach NBA" then enjoy the show.

- First "Boom, baby!" for a Tinsley 3-ball. "We're trying to make an effort." Always an optimist, even with the lead only cut to 18. Tinsley quickly whistled for a foul. Oh, well.

- "Get in! Mmmph." Slick on a missed 3-ball by Jack.
- Boyle: "Kidd is WIDE OPEN for a three." Slick: "Jamaal is guilty out there, he's guilty." 68-47
- Richard Jefferson picked up three fouls in less than a minute. Must be thinking about his post game plans.
- Slick describes a Foster foul on Vince Carter: "See, Jeff doesn't block shots but he still sticks his hands in there and when he sticks his hands in there, it's a foul." 70-48
- Slick on JO missed FT: "JO, you're banging 'em out there today, baby."
- Marquis Daniels makes a slashing layup: "OOhhh! Way to go Marqy."
- Mikki Moore answers with a jumper: "Ahh, this guy..."
- "Absolutely no excuse for us coming in here and being down 25." Preach it, Slick! Preach it! 79-54.
- Mark Boyle mentions a "noticeable lethargy" at the start of this game in response to Slick. Fabulous.
- JO and Mikki Moore assessed double-Ts just prior to a timeout. A little jawing from a couple of emotional bigs.
- Al Harrington 3-ball: "Boom, baby! He got one!"
- Vince Carter 3-ball puts Nets up by 27 at 86-59. The Pacers' improved defensive effort of late seems to have taken a step or ten backwards today.
- Boyle mentions this one is slowly but surely getting away. You think?
- "I'm glad to see Marquis Daniels getting some playing time today. If this kid, if this kid could get, I mean a really good 16-18 foot jumper, he'd be really good." Yep, really good shooting guards can actually shoot the ball in the NBA.
- With full dauber down, Slick laments: "Danny doesn't have his jumper today."

- If
Hibachi boy hadn't put up 51 earlier today, Vince Carter and Jason Kidd would be dueling it out for LoNny honors. Of course, they're probably done for the day so it shouldn't be an issue.
- "There it is, baby." Baston finishes off a break opportunity.
- Pacers get it down to 18 after a Granger three. Trying to remain positive.
- "Ahhh...oh, boy. That's a soft rim isn't it?" After Marcus Williams coaxes a 3-ball in.
- "Got 'em. That's it, Al." Apparently Al Harrington made a shot. 93-74.
- Saras shoots a 40 footer as the shot clock winds down, "Ooomph."
- "Six and a half minutes to play...Come on, Danny. I could take about a six point run." I could take about a 16 point run myself.
- "Boom, baby! He'll come with 'em now." Saras hits a 3-ball to cut the lead to 15.
- TO Nets, time to wake up Kidd and Carter on the bench and get them back in there. Three seconds into their return the Nets score.
- Mikki Moore follows up a Carter miss for another score. "Who's got him? Who's got him? You better find him and block him off the board."
- Silver lining of this nightmare is that JO has been able to rest his ankle for the bulk of the second half. 100-83.
- Boyle mentions it must annoy Lawrence Frank to be forced to put the starters back in the game. Slick: "Well it doesn't annoy the coach as much as it annoys the players."
- "Runi made one there. That was big time, Run (pronounced Roon)." Saras makes a 3-ball.
- Orien Greene makes a layup. "Ooo, baby, he took that baby in there flying. Man, I wish he had a jump shot." So, that's two guards who need to grow a jump shot.

Slick sums it up: "We weren't up on people, we weren't aggressive and then it was just coasting." Couldn't have said it better myself.

(Photo: Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images)

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