Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Warriors Leave Town with W and Stories

Couple of interesting items from the Pacers Notebook after Monday night's game. Stephen Jackson hasn't sold his house yet but plans to put it on the market this summer. The resale value rose late Sunday evening when his neighbor, Tony Dungy, hoisted the Lombardi Trophy.
"It's going to be easy to sell, now," he said before scoring a season-high 36 points against the Pacers. "I'm going to use that all day."
Also, the Colts celebration festivities and parade were late starting, leading to some confusion on the streets of Indy. When the Warriors' bus and a police escort drove through downtown to the Fieldhouse, the Colts' fans thought it might be their heroes and cheered accordingly. Amongst the chaos, one of the Warriors' buses was involved in a fender bender. When an IPD officer boarded the bus, Dubs' coach Don Nelson smashed a soft ball joke out of the park with a little dig at Stephen Jackson's familiarity with IPD.
"I told Jackson to get down and keep quiet," Nelson said.

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