Friday, October 06, 2006

Can Jack Recover?

Reports suggest the Stephen Jackson should have no problems physically recovering from his nightmare trip to Club Rio. Unfortunately the incidents in the W. 38th Street parking lot dusted off Jack's rough image that was obscured days earlier by hugging his coach and vowing to lead his new teammates in a positive manner.

Now, yet another negative snapshot of Jack is seared in eyes of the Pacer faithful. This image slides in next to the wild swinging madman in The Palace at Auburn Hills, the constant complainer begging for calls from the refs, and the look and actions of disinterest observed for long stretches of some games. There is already an cry for the front office to make an Artestian purge of the shooting guard to remove him from the roster. Not an easy task now that his trade value has flatlined.

So, Jack, it is up to you. Start the slow, arduous climb toward rehabbing your image or a flat out release will be the only option. As someone who happily gave Ron Ron three, four, five (actually, I lost count) chances to fly straight and do right by the Pacers, I'm hoping Jack can get it straight and make this one night a distant memory.

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