Monday, October 30, 2006

Tough Cut Day

The Pacers released John Edwards today, as expected. Surprisingly, they also released 2nd round draft pick, James White.

This was a tough cut but it had to be done. James White doesn't have the game that Rawle Marshall does, plain and simple. Despite White being draft this year, these players are the same age, so while White certainly should develop into a player that sticks in the NBA he's not ready now. I give the Pacers credit for cutting their losses (although the two 2nd round picks they gave up to get White sure sting) and moving on with what is best for the team. I'd be shocked if we didn't hear from James White again, at a minimum as a slam dunk contestant.

The impact of the Pacers' roster deadline moves carry far more weight than normal this year. Gone from last year's team are Peja Stojakovic, Anthony Johnson, Austin Croshere, Fred Jones, Scot Pollard, Eddie Gill, Jonathan Bender. With the exception of Bender and Gill, the other plays saw significant playing time when healthy. Looking at the roster additions, Peja's minutes would go to Al Harrington, AJ's to Darrell Armstrong. But the remaining time is still up for grabs.

From the group of Greene, Marshall, and Powell at least one big time contributor could emerge, the likes of which haven't been seen here since Antonio Davis joined the Pacers and immediately shored up the front court.

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