Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pacers 93, Bucks 88: Must Enjoy the Ws

The Pacers finished playing eight straight, hard fought quarters of basketball against the Milwaukee Bucks dating back to last Saturday night. Since both games were so tightly contested a split of the wins would only seem fair. But the NBA, like life, isn't fair, and the Pacers found a way to earn their second win in the back-to-back games with the Bucks tonight, 93-88.

Here is the AP recap of the game. From reading the story and looking at the box score it appears JO came through like a max contract, franchise player. The Bucks were offering 3-balls cheap with their zone defense and the Pacers made them look smart, shooting 7-24 from way downtown. But with defense and timely shooting down the stretch, the Pacers pulled ahead when it counted, making this, like all Ws, one to savor.

The Pacers are 6-5 and go to Orlando for their second game this year against the Magic. The Pacers won the first meeting at Conseco, 93-83. That was one of five Ws this year that have not been by the book, pretty, or easy. But if anything is starting to develop with this young team it is that they are going to do what they can to stay in a game even when they're not playing well. And once they are within reach in the fourth quarter, they're going for the win. It is hard to explain a few of the wins this year by looking at the numbers, but in the end all 6 Ws sparkle and shine just the same in that win column.

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