Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Big People, Little People, Camo People - I Love the NBA

With a couple of off days for the Pacers , I thought I'd link some items that have caught my eye or made me laugh. Actually, a couple of these items caught my eye and made me laugh until I cried:
  • Bruno has a story on the Pacers spreading some holiday cheer to those less fortunate. I knew JO had a tough upbringing but I had no idea just how tough. As a 9 year old he received the toy he desperately wanted -- a WWF wrestling ring kit with action figures. Unfortunately later in the day his older brother fell on the ring and destroyed it.
    "That had to be the most devastating Christmas memory of my life," he said.
  • Like clockwork, my man Ronnie is in the line up tonight for the Kings. Imminent trade rumors have called his bluff, so now it's time for the "Problems, what problems?" portion of the Artest drama.
  • I can't imagine the void in my life were it not for Here is a link to an uproarious version of Sheedgle Bells. Watch it multiple times, focusing on each individual at least once. Classic. Sheed is Sheed, dominates the remix. Amir Johnson plays a classic backup role. Jason Maxiell's performance is quite underrated until you focus on his subtle, ice cold contributions. Will Blalock, what can you say? The rook unknowingly carried the lead, even stopping on the final chorus to see if anyone else was singing. The vid was played during a game at the Palace. Here is a link to the reaction from the Pistons bench when the vid aired.
  • HoopsAddict has brought "Camo Night" in Memphis to our attention. Deer hunting season just started up and the Griz played the Bucks tonight. Tickets were 2 for 1 to anyone showing up in their hunting gear. Memo to the Pacers' Marketing Dept: Don't get any ideas from Memphis. Can you imagine a promotion involving guns and the Pacers? That would be like having Greenhouse Night in Portland with discount tickets to anyone who brings a plant (I know, I know, the Blazers are cleaning up their act). Apparently, someone forgot the ammo in Memphis, as the Bucks stomped all over the Griz on Camo Night.

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