Saturday, December 23, 2006

Artest Starts Holding the Kings' Season Hostage

Ron Ron loves to have our undivided attention and it's been some time since he's garnered headlines and media focus. He probably figured with the dust settling on the A.I. trade it was prime time for some publicity and we all know what that means. Ronnie's publicity playbook relies on leaving his team hanging, acting aloof, and leaving his coaches, front office, and fans shaking their heads. I think (believe me, I dare anyone to say they understand the Artest thought process) he generates this drama to try to prove how valuable he is to the team. Most players try to accomplish this on the floor, but not Ronnie, he thinks his absence will make the heart grow fonder. The problem with this tactic is, it highlights in 72 point, bold font exactly what makes Artest's value pretty paltry.

I love watching Ron Ron play when he's into it. His unorthodox game and savvy on both ends of the floor can be spectacular to witness. Because of his game, it took me about two years too long to come to the above conclusions. Looks like Sactown Royalty has seen the light in less than a year.

Even though he's not the Pacers' problem any more, it still bums me out seeing Artest begin to waste another season. I love the NBA and really get a charge out of unique talents that come along to provide on court thrills. So, to all Kings fans -- I empathize with your frustration and wish you good luck. You'll need it.

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