Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pacers 101, Sixers 93: Ps Grind Out the Roadie

The Sixers showed some signs of life as they played game one A.I. (After Iverson). After taking advantage of a typically slow start by the Pacers, Philly ran out of juice and talent as the Pacers closed the deal down the stretch, 101-93. The game was a grind until the last two minutes so the Pacers get props for a solid effort on the road.
  • JO had a big time night pumping in 34 as he took advantage of Sal Dalembert early and often.

  • A few sour possessions for the Pacers combined with Ashton Korver snapping off some wild jumpers let the Sixers back in the game midway through the fourth quarter. I think it's safe to say Korver's supposed shooting slump is history.

  • JO and Jack stepped up and took over during the final four minutes of the game.

  • Chris Webber sat out the game, leaving the Sixers thin up front. Dalembert had his moments, but Professor JO taught Sal the finer points of scoring from the low post.

(Photo: AP Photo/Tom Mihalek)

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