Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's Gotta Be the Bass, Money!

Mark Montieth has an article today on Jamaal Tinsley's effort to play all 82 games this year. This topic has been thrown around for a couple weeks now, as Tins played a couple of games with obvious pain in his left leg and then gutted out a solid performance in Chicago after clearing out his gut all day with a stomach ailment that sidelined a few of his teammates.

Over the past three seasons JT was often found in street clothes on the bench for extended periods of time. There didn't ever seem to be a sense of urgency to get back on the court which became a source of criticism for the guy who was supposed to be running the team from the point. Looks like he finally found an offseason program that has him mentally and physically ready for the grind this year. Rick Carlisle made a visit and approved:
"After his workout we went to his house and his chef cooked the best bass I've ever had in my life," Carlisle said. "It was all healthy stuff. Very low fat, a lot of roughage, a lot of vegetables.
"You can tell the commitment has been there from the beginning of the year."
Must be some good bass to turn the Tin Man into an Ironman looking to play all 82. Long ways to go, but I like the fact that he's putting pressure on himself to make every game by telling everyone he can that 82 is his goal. Hopefully this isn't just a one year commitment.

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