Friday, December 15, 2006

Waiting on the Knicks vs. Pacers

Bruno has a preview up for tonight's game against the Knicks. The preview highlights the fact that the Pacers have a five game home winning streak, although the streak stretches over a three week period with 11 roadies intertwined. Still, the wins at home have been valuable since three Ws were against Orlando, Cleveland, and Detroit. Other thoughts while waiting on the Knicks:
  • I wonder how Isiah Thomas feels coming to Indy with the Knicks tonight. Despite his ouster by Larry Joe Legend, Conseco is not hostile territory for Zeke. He left a team that went to the Eastern Conference finals. Plus, he's always welcomed for leading the Hoosiers to the 1981 National Championship. Getting a mild-to-positive reaction from the crowd would be a welcomed change from the reception he's been getting at Madison Square Garden.
  • I imagine a couple of Knick's scouts will stay in town tomorrow to watch Ohio State take on Cincinnati in one of the John Wooden Tradition games played at Conseco Fieldhouse. I just happened to see Greg Oden and the rest of the Buckeyes carb loading at Iaria's last night. I recommend the Baked Penne, mmm.
  • Former Indiana Mr. Basketball, Jared Jeffries appears set to start for the Knicks tonight. Jeffries is a class act and seems to have found a niche, not to mention riches, as a role player willing to play great defense, and hit the boards to scrap for points. As I mentioned in this post, I've seen him play soft when he was the focal point but there's no denying he's long, athletic, and knows how to play the game. Nice to see a good guy's game mature turning him into an established NBA player.
  • Speaking of maturing players, I can't speak for Eddie Curry's maturity off the court but the kid's game has taken a leap this year. He will present a serious problem for the Pacers tonight. David Harrison is the only player the Pacers could throw at Curry to match his size and girth, but he's unavailable.
  • The A.I. trade circus continues to roll on. Most reports continue to throw in the Pacers, but Denver and recently the Heat seem to be where the most logistical speculation is focused. The Sixers are on ESPN nationally tonight so maybe that will push things along tonight. Philly may want change the subject from the trade and poor product they currently have on the floor by announcing a deal. Plus, Jim Gray will probably have A.I. on split screen (just to prove it is him) for an interview that won't shine a good light on the Sixers' front office.

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