Monday, December 11, 2006

Pacers in Bad Shape for Bulls

Mark Montieth is reporting that the Pacers may be without five players for tonight's game against the Bulls. Al Harrington, Jamaal Tinsley, and Marquis Daniels are dealing with food poisoning so it sounds like they'll join JO and Jack on the bench tonight. Actually, they better stay away from the UC.
Harrington and Tinsley stayed at the hotel. Daniels attempted to join the team, but was vomiting on the bus and was returned to the hotel.
If you're keeping track, that is four of five starters and a key reserve out for the game. Plus, the rest of the team had to endure the trauma of Daniels fouling up the bus. Might as well take all of the pain at once.
On the bright side, Shawne Williams is poised to put on a real NBA uniform for a real NBA game. Good luck, kid.

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