Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jack Back for Bulls: So What Happened?

Mark Montieth has some Carlisle quotes on Stephen Jackson's conduct detrimental to the team, city, country, world, blah, blah, blah. If there is not more to the story, then this sounds like much ado about nothing.

"He came to the bench and an exchange ensued that I thought was inappropriate and detrimental to the team, and so I made a decision to remove him from the bench," Carlisle said afterward.

So, Jack's frustrated by being the closest Pacer to LeBron as he (LeBron) seems unchallenged in scoring repeatedly. So basically, RC gives him a little, "Mix in some D." And Jack snaps with a CDtT retort that offends the sensible sense of his head coach.
"As of right now, this is a one-game situation," Carlisle said.
Again, why not take a page from the Belichick handbook and diminish the exchange to minimize the public scrutiny? So now a quick round of stories, once again outlining all of Jack's trangressions since joining the blue and gold. Oh, well, if they clear the air and Jack is back against Chicago tomorrow night then this blip on the radar will fade away quickly. If that's the case, I hope we at least get to hear the snap that started the drama, for entertainment purposes only.

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