Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend Dime with High Praise for Carlisle's Weekend Dime has a Chatter Box section with an unnamed scout's praise of Rick Carlisle.
"[Rick] Carlisle is doing a really good job, as usual. A lot of people said he wouldn't be able to open up the game, or that he wouldn't want to, but the Pacers' offense is a lot more random than it used to be. I don't mean like Philadelphia, where it looks totally disorganized. I mean random in a good way. It's a systematic randomness.
Now if the players can just eliminate the junior high level turnovers.
"And he's so good at teaching spacing -- he and Pop [San Antonio's Gregg Popovich] are the best -- that his players are always in the right place. Organization is sometimes perceived as just running the play that's called. But they can look organized even when they're not running a play, because they're so well-coached on how to space themselves in relation to the basketball.
This coming off a night when RC is credited with lighting a fire under Tinsley at half time that sparked his near perfect half running the show. With everything that has gone on with the Pacers over the past two and a half years, imagine what RC could do with a hassle-free, healthy roster.

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