Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pacers Not as Interested in Iverson as Reported

This recap of the Pacers-Sixers game has a quote from Larry Joe Legend regarding the Pacers involvement in trade talks for A.I.

Pacers president Larry Bird said Indiana was never a serious contender in Iverson trade talks. "We made one call, I think, and the price was too high," he said. "Allen's been a great player over the years. When a player stands up and wants out, you've got to do something to try and help the franchise. Billy did a good job. It's tough under the circumstances."

I'd love to know what price the Sixers were asking for from the Pacers. Danny Granger and/or a #1 pick must've been involved. The speculation was fun while it lasted. A.I. will bring a lot of excitement to Denver, as he would've anywhere he played. I was ready and willing to ride out the Iverson era with the Pacers. But, for the long term the Pacers are better off focusing on other ways to improve the roster.

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