Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bobcats 113, Pacers 102: Bobcats Fire All Their Ammo

What just happened? I haven't seen the Bobcats play since opening night and everything I've heard about Adam Morrison has been coupled with disappointment. In fact for one four game stretch a couple of weeks ago, he shot 4-34 from the field. Yes, 1 FG made per game over FOUR GAMES! Last night in a high octane 3 OT stat fest with the Lakers, Ammo made one of 15 FG attempts, finishing with 5 points.

So what happens tonight? Some kid shows up in a mullet wig and wispy mustache and Morrison goes off for career-high 30 points. He was making shots from everywhere, often with a defender draped all over him. Maybe he dropped by Eli Lilly before the game to test out some experimental super insulin. If so, call the FDA, it works. Ammo's effort combined with the lack thereof from the Pacers as a whole and you end up with a head shaking chalk mark in the loss column, 113-102. Other items of interest (or disgust):

  • Morrison should think about taking the kid in the picture on the road with him. The mullet and wispy 'stache obviously cleared the cosmic gunner air for the real "'Stache" to help him find his shooting groove. What other explanation can there be?
  • Gerald Wallace may start skipping games against the Pacers. On opening night, Danny Granger sent him flying on a break away dunk attempt ending his night and keeping him out of action for a couple of weeks. Tonight, Jeff Foster smashed Wallace's shoulder as they scrambled for a loose ball in the fourth quarter. Again, he didn't return.
  • The Bobcat college all-stars got it done tonight. Along with Morrison, Emeka Okafor had 19 and 14 with 5 blocks, Sean May made some key baskets at crunch time, and Raymond Felton dished 19 assists.
  • JO again highlighted the attack for the Pacers with 27 points, 12 rebounds and 4 blocks. I'm typing this bullet after every game but as hard as I've been on O'Neal in the past for not playing up to the level he talked about, I have to emphasize that very few are having a better year or more impact on their team than JO.
  • At one point in the third quarter, Stephen Jackson had seen enough shots from Ammo drop in his face so he employed a vicious hack which ended up getting him a T. Carlisle had also seen enough and worked the refs for his second T and an early exit. This did fire the Pacers up and they quickly worked down a double-digit deficit to tie the game. But, down the stretch the Bobcats had too many answers.
  • The Pacers have four days off before travelling to Dallas to take on the Mavs on Thursday.

(Photo: Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images)

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