Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nuggets 121, Pacers 101: Indy .500

You could see this Pacer loss coming a mile away, or a mile high since they were in Denver. The Nuggets ran out in front of the Pacers and kept pulling away as the game wore on to win, 121-101. No one was able to slow down Carmelo Anthony and it looked like several Pacers took their turn trying. Here is the AP recap of the game.

Looking for something positive, I'd say seeing JO play 34 minutes and deliver 20pts and 16rebs after dealing with back, ankle, and hammy problems recently was nice. After the hammy flare up in Seattle, I figured he'd take the night off in Denver. He may very well have in years past, so it was great to see him tighten the laces and bring his game even though he's not 100%.

Playing a back-to-back on the road against a high powered offensive team never sets up well for the Pacers. That's why losing the winnable game in Seattle on Friday night even more tough to swallow. The Pacers leave Denver once again back at the .500 mark with one more game against the Lakers to finish out this road trip.

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