Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Change in the Lineup?

In the Indy Star's Pacers Notebook today, Mike Wells discusses Marquis Daniels starting the second half against the Nets in place of Al Harrington. The Big Thirst has been a little frustrated lately as it is since he can't seem to sync up with JO to become a devastating front court duo. So the initial thought is -- uh, oh, more drama ahead. Ironically, in the preview for the Nets game, Carlisle discussed his starting lineup needing to exploit their physical size advantage on smaller lineups. Oops, I guess quick can beat big also. Mike seemed content with the explanation that this was a one time switch in order to put a quicker defender on Richard Jefferson. Carlisle wanted to downplay any speculation of a starting lineup change:

"I was just trying to match up with their quickness," Carlisle said. "I thought (Daniels) did a good job defensively and offensively in the third quarter."

After reading the latest Pacers Insider post, it appears after further consideration Mike isn't so sure about Carlisle's explanation. Mike's thought process mirrors mine -- Harrington is the best candidate to sit but that seems like change for the sake of change. Bringing Granger and Daniels off the bench for a change of pace works much better plus all of the players have settled into these roles. Let's not forget, the Pacers were playing some decent ball until they failed to show up in Jersey. There's no reason to panic and make changes over that mess.

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