Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mavericks 100, Pacers 91: Mavs Take Pacers to Finishing School

The Mavs have the best record in the NBA for a reason. They know how to win games, which they did Thursday night for the 12th straight time, beating the Pacers, 100-91. The Pacers played pretty well for a little over three quarters, weathering a few runs by the Mavs and holding a 3 point lead with about nine minutes to go. At this point, an odor began emanating from the game and you could begin to sniff the scent of a loss developing. Gradually, the quality of the Pacers' possessions declined while the Mavs just did what they do and let Josh Howard and Dirk take them home. A few points to ponder:

  • Pretty impressive win for the Mavs, since Dirk didn't really show up until the fourth quarter and Jason Terry found a lot of bench time with Avery. When it came time to win the game, the Mavs had no problems making the plays and closing out the Pacers. It was truly a clinic.
  • Jermaine O'Neal had an extra bounce in his step tonight and played quite well, AGAIN, ending up with 20pts, 16rebs, 5assts and 5 Hakeem inspired blocks. He also altered at least three shots around the hoop.
  • Josh Howard is a really nice player. He kept them around all night until Dirk rode in and helped Howard push the Mavs to another W.
  • Devin Harris didn't do much early in the game and then realized he could get to the hoop at will and had some nice drives to the hoop to spark a couple of runs for the Mavs. Devean George hit some key shots, including a couple of 3-balls as the Mavs began imposing their will on the Ps.
  • During the Mavs seminar on finishing off a game, the Pacers shot horribly and when they didn't miss a shot they were turning the ball over.
  • The Pacers drop to one game over .500 with their second loss as they head to Oklahoma City for a Saturday night game against the Hornets.

(Photo: AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

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