Friday, January 05, 2007

Ponch Loses It - Emilio Estevez to Blame

I tried to think of a connection to the Pacers to make this post relevant but I think I'll just let it stand on it's own. Since it happened a few corn fields north of Cornrows World Headquarters, in Muncie, IN, I feel it's my duty to make sure no one misses this nugget of pop culture hilarity. Let's face it, the picture stands on it's own as pure comedy. Read this story for the details.

To break it down, Erik "Ponch" Estrada apparently filmed the sweeps week episode of the reality series, Armed and Famous Wednesday night. Randall Sims, a community activist of some acclaim, allegedly tried to get a little too active with a female friend who ended up stabbing the man, necessitating a call to the authorities (and their ride-a-long celebs). So they load the guy up in an ambulance and Ponch goes back to uncuff him. Sims starts giving Ponch some grief and refers to him as Emilio Estevez, which in turn sets off Ponch. A heated, obscenity laced verbal confrontation ensued as the two began comparing civil rights credentials between insults.

I mean, I know Estevez has been through some lean times, but the guy had a solid run with the '80s Brat Pack. It netted him some quality time with Demi Moore and Paula Abdul. Should Ponch of all people, have been so offended? So he hasn't recovered from the Mighty Ducks trilogy, we all have our burdens.

As for Ponch, he probably netted ol' Sims a nice payday since this MUST be shown and CBS will probably have to make a donation to Sims so he agrees to let it air. I assumed CBS had completed filming this show since they've been running ads at every available moment. Knowing the cameras are still rolling, I'm sure there will be some 15 minutes of fame types rolling up to Muncie to try and turn a speeding stop into a shot at stardom. What a country.
(Photo: Chris Bergin / The Star Press)

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