Saturday, January 20, 2007

Waiting on the Pacers vs. Knicks

Jack and Saras took their shots at Carlisle's coaching yesterday. I've seen these guys bounce pass the ball directly to the other team enough to know it wasn't all the coaches fault.

The new Pacers joined their teammates for practice yesterday. Keith McCloud will start his Pacer career in street clothes on the inactive list, but Murphy, Dunleavy, and Diogu are expected to play against the Knicks on Saturday night.

Jermaine O'Neal is rumored to be on the trading block despite zero indications from the Pacers that this is anything more than a rumor. Seems bogus since the pieces they recently added appear to be a good fit to surround JO in the post.
Blowing Up The Pacers: Informed sources near the Pacers situation suggest that Jermaine O’Neal may be a lot closer to being dealt than even he will admit. A few weeks ago he announced to the press that if he could not get the Pacers turned around and winning, maybe it was time for him to go. That seems very likely to happen this summer, although a handful of GM’s and scouts say it could happen before the trade deadline. One informed source hinted that Marcus Camby or even Brad Miller could be parts of a J-O package deal, as the Pacers have at times expressed interest in both players – Camby likely as bait for a third team, and Brad Miller as a solid dependable foundation piece. With marquee talents like Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and even Pau Gasol possibly available now, don’t be surprised to see Jermaine’s name surface as the deadline approaches. If the Pacers could return Brad Miller and Vince Carter for Jermaine, or Brad Miller and Kevin Martin for a Jermaine package – that might be just enough to jump start Indiana, or at least give Pacers fans players they can cheer for.
At least give Pacers fans players they can cheer for? What? With the way JO is playing this year, how can you not cheer for him? Remember the Montieth mantra -- Rumored trades rarely happen and the trades that happen are rarely rumored.

The Knicks come to town after tough, one point losses to the Wizards and Nets. The Pacers beat the Knicks in their previous two meetings.

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