Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Pacers/Warriors Trade Fodder

Man, after listening to Charles Barkley's TNT takes I sure feel better about Pacers' end of yesterday's trade. TNT also had the first comments I've heard from Jermaine O'Neal. He's in a tough spot because if he complains about the trade, which would pile on his previous complaints, he's seen as a malcontent. If he expresses excitement and renewed enthusiasm he ends up slamming his buddy Al. In essence, he said that the trade hurt him personally because of losing Al, but he completely understands from a professional standpoint.

Golden State of Mind continues to follow up with plenty of trade talk. This Winners and Losers post has some quality pictures of Dunleavy. More "Funleavy" pics here. Maybe this guy should wear a bike helmet when he's on the floor.

Al Harrington took time out on his way to the Bay Area to fire a shot at Carlisle's coaching style and his displeasure with the Pacers' offense. Stay classy, Al. I missed the part where Baby Al took any responsibility for his erratic level of effort and production. Yes, Carlisle planned to play an uptempo brand of ball this year mainly because he thought the players could handle it. Unfortunately, pulling the ball out of the net slows the tempo. Coughing up ugly turnovers and not being able to finish fast break opportunities also slows the tempo. Al had plenty of minutes and was second in FGAs to JO, so maybe it wasn't the system but the players in the system. Al should enjoy the run at all cost style of Nellie so why not keep his yap shut on the way out of town. Al claims the only upsetting part of the trade is that he just finished fully furnishing a new house and now has to move again. I wonder if Al had any mirrors in that house because it sounds like he hasn't looked in one lately.

Pacers Insider has some great trade thoughts from Mark Montieth and Mike Wells, including a not-so-Internet friendly mantra about trade information, especially when Donnie Walsh and the Pacers are involved.
Rumored trades rarely happen and the trades that happen are rarely rumored.

Finally, for a little fun, Miss Gossip at the NBA Funhouse breaks down the Jermaine O'Neal for the NBA hair watch. Braids or no braids? Not hard to figure out my preference. Plus, the Caesar cut combined with his boyish face make JO look 18 again.

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