Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pacer Players Feeling the Heat, AGAIN!!!

I was wondering why Jamaal Tinsley's name popped up with Marquis Daniels as day-to-day on the injury report yesterday. Now we know why. Both guys are accused of beating down a bar manager at the 8 Seconds Saloon (the self-described "Largest Country Bar in the Midwest"). Now if you're wondering why these guys were at a country bar, the place is like a high school fieldhouse and includes Tremors Nightclub in the back. Occasionally they expand Tremors to take over the whole 8 Seconds bar. The stories are flying fast and furious right now and everything alleged is pretty ugly. Here are the local stories from Indy Star, WISH-TV, WTHR-TV, WRTV-TV.

The player reaction and murmurs from JMV's radio show that there's a lot of overreaction going on make the whole thing a mess. Here are the players' comments.
Jamaal Tinsley:

"I had nothing to do with this. I'm extremely upset that my name has been associated with this," said Jamaal Tinsley.
Marquis Daniels:

"I am emphatic, 100 percent, that I had nothing to do with this. We were attending a celebration party for the Colts with some of the Colts players. For my name to be included is very disappointing. I am totally innocent. Hopefully, the truth will come out," said Marquis Daniels.
Keith McCleod:

"We were all trying to get out of there. I did not see Jamaal or Marquis hit anybody. There was a scuffle going on and when we saw what was happening, we were getting out. I don't know where this other stuff came from," said Keith McLeod.
My initial reaction is that the stories on both sides are so different that this thing will have to play out a little further before passing judgement on the legal issues. If the manager has a broken jaw and a torn ear lobe then something happened. He's pointing to JT and 'Quis so something's gotta give. I'm just aggravated by these guys getting caught up in this mess. At what point do you stop staying out to the early morning hours? Obviously you can't handle it. If you can't bring yourself to stay home then mix in some security with orders to cover you up and move you out of any dicey situation. How about frequenting a place that caters to a more upscale clientele.

Enjoy the player introductions tonight, JT because the damage is done from a PR stand point. Public perception already accepts that this probably happened as the police described and Tinsley's involvement proves again he shouldn't be on the team and that LJL and Donnie Walsh should just let him go for nothing. The current reaction on the radio and message boards around town includes a lot more apathy than outrage, jokes than disgust. That type of reaction indicates more empty seats at the Fieldhouse. Hopefully the truth is on the Pacers side because they'll need a whole lot of it to come out in their favor to reverse the damage done today.
Much more to come as the story evolves.

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