Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pacers in Court Before Playing on the Court

Jack, I'm trying, I'm really trying to give you a chance to straighten up and do right, but you keep forcing me to cringe and shake my head in bewilderment. In a completely unrelated court issue, we now find out Jack has NOT complied with the court ordered terms of his one year probation for the Palace Brawl. This inaction has earned him another year of probation. Be a man, Jack. Take care of your business.

Other in-court news from Michigan includes JO heading up for jury selection in his trial against Charles Haddad. Chucky Haddad is suing JO for embarrassing him on a world wide scale by leveling him with a flying haymaker when the genius (Haddad) thought he'd mix it up on the Palace court as mayhem broke out. The video of JO's punch has been played somewhere around a million times on every channel that carries even a little sports. Not only do I hope this case is dismissed, but I'd like the judge to sentence Haddad to introducing the video before every Pistons game by saying, "Hi, I'm Charles Haddad. That's me getting clocked by Jermaine O'Neal during the Palace Brawl. Man, I am an idiot."

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