Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pacers vs. Nets Observations

At the risk of making a Sinkonian statement, this game tonight is the greatest preseason opening game ever. The thirst for anything that is actually basketball related from the Pacers combined with the number of new faces trying out for the blue and gold has made this game quite entertaining. Quick thoughts while watching:
  • The cruelest irony for the front office is Marcus Williams displaying an NBA ready game at the point as Tinsley continues to wear out his welcome with the locals. Williams was available for the Pacers first pick but they passed on him to take Shawne Williams.
  • In Jamal's defense, he looks good and is playing well with Sarunas Jasikevicius. Sarunas is passing up a lot of open looks, though.
  • David Harrison looks borderline svelte and is moving around nicely. A big impact from Harrison could carry this team a long ways.
  • Looks like there is hope to rectify past rebounding problems that have plagued the Pacers. Several athletic front court players look like they can be solid contributors off the bench. Josh Powell, Maceo Baston, and even Shawne Williams are quite active in the paint, working hard to defend and rebound. Baston also had a sweet fast break dunk off an alley oop.
  • Baston and Sarunas played together in Israel and it shows. Chris Denari mentioned that they considered themselves the Stockton and Malone when they played together. Easy fellas.
  • Speaking of Denari, he's a familiar voice but certainly a noticable change from the smooth baritone of Al Albert. On the plus side, there is more of a local feel to the broadcast and we won't have to hear about "the feisty one" anymore when discussing Jeff Foster.
  • The Pacers are putting it to the Nets in the 4th quarter. They certainly are getting out and running more when the opportunity is there. And, again, the activity on the glass is leading to those opportunities along with some second chance buckets on the offensive end. After several horrific days, the play of the Pacers tonight is a positive way to end the day.
  • Oh, yeah, Pacers win 103-89. Box Score

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