Saturday, November 04, 2006

Game 3 vs. New York Knicks

The Pacers came out like a different team tonight in the Garden and finally put away the Knicks, 109-95. Jamaal Tinsely set the tone, representin' Brooklyn and getting the Pacers off to a fast start. Al Harrington showed up huge across the Hudson from his home pouring in 32 points from all over the court. Here are some notes from throughout the game:
First Quarter

  • Now this is the way to start a game. Plenty of energy, playing tough D, hitting the glass, and filling the lanes for easy buckets. Tinsley isn't letting any of his friends and family down when he comes home to The City.
  • Poor shooting out of the gate kept the Knicks within arms length.
  • Al hustled his way to a few easy buckets to jump start his big night. All the Pacers seem to be out working the the Knicks for rebounds. They've flipped the script from last night.

Second Quarter

  • Wow, the shots started falling early in the 2nd quarter. Darrell Armstrong started a run on jumpers and it became contagious. Al, JO, Tins, everyone was tickling the twine. Looks like this solid effort may last the whole game, which is nice after last night.
  • DA is 38 and draining shots while chasing Nate Robinson around. He's providing more than a spark off the bench now.
  • 'Quis Daniels has skills, but they are still raw. He just doesn't know how to fully utilize that skill. Looking forward to watching the light bulbs go off as his game grows.
  • Knicks finish the half 13-19 from the line, while the Pacers haven't even shot a free throw. That keeps the Knicks within 5 at the half.

Third Quarter

  • Al came out raining jumpers as the Pacers pushed the lead to around ten.
  • JT - Brooklyn in the house! Hittin' open jumpers and droppin' double digit dimes.
  • Stephen Jackson comes through with a solid quarter, pumping in 10 points and taking charges on defense. The guy is playing a great role on this team right now with no extracurricular activities.
  • Al shoots the Pacers first free throw midway through the quarter - about time.
  • Al flat out took over a stretch of the game in the third. I guess we can start calling him by his nickname, Big Thirst.
  • On the flip side, Eddy Curry is a menace tonight, exposing the Pacers' lack of a big body to match up with him.
  • Nate Rob sparks a late run, including a three as time winds down to put the Knicks within one at the end of the quarter! How are the Pacers not up by 20 right now?

Fourth Quarter

  • Uh, oh, right out of the gate the clanks seem to be back. The Knicks are packing in a zone defense and the Pacers can't bust it.
  • Thanks, Zeke. The Knicks go man to man and DA and Saras kick the offense into gear.
  • With 8 minutes to go, DA had the play of the game. He stole the ball and headed for a breakaway with Marbury and Francis in pursuit. DA was able to knife through them as they went up on one side of the hoop and scoop in a layup on the opposite side to put the Pacers up 10. Marbury then kicked the ball, earning a T and another point for the Pacers. That ladies and gentlemen is how you lose more games than you win and that's what Marbury has done in his career. He would be done for the night.
  • The Pacers were able to keep the Knicks from a serious threat the rest of the way. Danny Granger had two huge rebounds, one which come with a put back bucket.
  • From at least the 6 minute mark to the end of the game, the Pacers bench was standing and going crazy supporting the players on the court. It is safe to say that never happened last year. We're talking Jack and Tins, giving up prime stretch minutes but leading the cheers with smiles and fist pumps. Now this is the type of team I can pull for and enjoy it.
  • Reggie was right, it's a wrap.

The Pacers head home 2-1 with a couple of days off before playing Philly on Tuesday night. Rest up and behave men, you earned it tonight.

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