Thursday, November 02, 2006

Leftover Thoughts from Opening Night

Still contemplating Danny Granger's flagrant foul in the first half. The play was questionable and I don't begrudge Gerald Wallace if he was upset with the play. But, tough minded teams don't give up anything easy. While not his intention, Granger sent a messge to his team and certainly the Bobcats that we are going to keep coming at you. Bernie Bickerstaff gets it:
Granger was called for a flagrant foul. Bickerstaff wasn't bothered by Granger's action so much as he was disappointed his players didn't show some toughness of their own.
"Gerald went in (for a dunk) and they didn't concede the basket,'' Bickerstaff said. "They went in for layups and we had the cape out (like matadors). We didn't even contest'' their baskets.

I know it was opening night, but this team showed some of that great chemistry they've been talking about. Seemed like whenever a player hit the floor, a couple of teammates would run over to help him up. Lots of back slapping, head tapping, keep it up enthusiasm passed around during time outs. There was some adversity in this game with poor shooting and foul trouble. They looked awful at times, but found a way to muscle out a win by putting the game away in the fourth quarter. We certainly didn't see that much last season.

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