Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pregame Nugget

Wow, and I thought the Pacers were going small. According to this article, Brevin Knight will be starting alongside Raymond Felton in Charlotte's backcourt tonight. I'd say Jack should take his height advantage to the block and expose this plan. Knight doesn't even really shoot, so I assume he'll handle the ball more than Felton. Looks like they'll just try to run past the Pacers less than swift-footed backcourt. Makes for an intruiguing matchup. I like the young talent on the Bobcats roster but I guess they're trying to keep the pressure off Adam Morrison and Sean May by bringing them off the bench. Primoz Brezec is too tired to play, so the Pacers will have one less big body to contend with tonight.

After splitting a couple of preseason games the Bobcats and Pacers should be familiar with each other. With the crazy lineups starting this game, someone will look like a genius and the other will have some questions to answer.

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