Saturday, November 04, 2006

Spike, Reggie, and Soon-Yi

Watching a game from Madison Square Garden always includes some star power. Spike Lee is always courside going crazy while Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn manage to watch the game without showing any emotion.

The Pacers sideline reporter, Stacy Paetz managed to score an interview with Spike at the start of the 2nd quarter. It was pretty routine until she asked him if he missed Reggie coming to town with the Pacers. He started chuckling and said:
"I've gotten three emails on my Blackberry from Reggie already tonight. He (Reggie) says, 'The game is over. It's a wrap.' I (Spike) said, 'It's early.' He says, 'It's a wrap. It doesn't matter.'"
Classic stuff from courtside. Put a great visual in my head of Reggie sitting at home going through the ups and downs of a Pacers game just like the rest of us. Nice work, Stacy!

Meanwhile, when the camera's gave us the obligatory Woody and Soon-Yi shot in the 4th quarter, I was taken aback by Soon-Yi. She's starting to show her age. She better watch out because Woody may start looking into adopting his next wife. Actually, she might get the better end of that deal.

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