Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Marc Stein Offers More Info on JO Comments

Chad Ford's Daily Dish podcast on ESPN.com on Monday had an interview with fellow ESPN.com hoops writer, Marc Stein. Stein was in the locker room with Mike Wells when JO was venting his frustrations over the Pacers' inconsistent play and mentioned being traded. He (Stein) seemed to have a different take and felt that what was lost in the story was that JO wants to finish the season and then work with the front office to deal with the team's issues.

Stein also mentioned that after talking with management (no names offered), JO is the last player they would offer in a trade. They are more interested in improving the floor leadership in the backcourt. Obviously that points right to Jamaal Tinsley which shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Tinsley has lead this team to a several wins this year but he has been far from reliable every night out. The up and down play is more maddening since you never know what you're going to get from Tins.

Chad Ford also agreed with Stein's assessment that JO wouldn't and shouldn't be traded. It definitely shed a different light on JO's words and hopefully can bring the mini-drama to a close.

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