Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The More Things Change...Jack and Artest Find Off-Court Headlines Too

No matter how hard the Pacers try to move forward and change the image attached with the team, they can't seem to shake their past problems. Whether it is current players repeating stupid mistakes or former players in the new with legal issues, the Pacers name remains attached. Over the past couple of days three incidents have reopened old wounds. Here's a recap:
  • On Tuesday, Ron Artest was accused of animal cruelty. He's done what he does best when backed into a corner, come out talking and talking and talking some more until you end up completely confused or feeling sorry for the guy. I give the news report credit for not mentioning the Palace Brawl. It isn't fair to associate Ronnie with the Pacers anymore but he is only one calendar year removed from being a Pacer, so even if it's a relief that he's not in Indy anymore, the Pacers are still close to any story on Artest.
  • Jamaal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels and Keith McCleod ran into trouble at a west side bar in the early morning hours. Opened up old wounds from the Club Rio Trio since the remaining two Pacers from the CRT were involved (allegedly).
  • Ironically, as the 8 Seconds Saloon story broke, Stephen Jackson was having a pre-trial hearing for the charges against him from the Club Rio melee. Jack was not actually in court but his trial date was set for a Golden State off day on April 12th. The trial for Deon "Dino" Williams will begin next Monday. Williams waived his right for a jury trial and will be tried by a judge instead.

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