Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bleg for MySpace Knowledge stories always leave me scratching my head. Why anyone would want to expose their private life to others with a legit myspace site is beyond me. Especially young athletes who know everything they do and say may be held up for scrutiny. Now putting up a faux myspace site to bust on friends and foes alike, I completely understand. After seeing this line in the Pacers Notebook I need some help:
Stephon Marbury, Mike Bibby and Baron Davis called. Former teammate Ron Artest tried to call and later left a message on Jackson's MySpace Web site page. Cleveland coach Mike Brown, who worked with Jackson in San Antonio and Indianapolis, also sent regards, as did the Spurs organization.

I need to see Jack's MySpace page and Ronnie's message. Are there security levels? I found one supposedly set up for Rams RB Steven Jackson. It seemed far too lame to be a joke site, but again why? Can anyone help me locate Jack's MySpace page?

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