Friday, October 13, 2006

Fantasy Pacers Roster

If all 19 players currently on the roster were judged soley on their talent and what they can offer the team, I imagine the final roster cuts would be different than they will be in a couple of weeks. Earlier I listed the players I thought would make the 15 player roster based on how I thought the organization would act, taking into account current contracts and perceived value. In that scenario I had Rawle Marshall, Sean Lampley, Orien Greene, and Snap Hunter being released.

Personally, I'd rather keep Rawle Marshall and Orien Greene and release Sarunas and Stephen Jackson. Let's face it Sarunas is slow and he looked like a carbon copy of last year in the first preseason game. If he's not going to be a dead-eye shooter there really is no reason to keep him over Marshall and Greene. Those two can impact the game with defense and rebounding unlike Sarunas and they may have an equal impact on the offensive end, albeit in a different manner. In reality, Sarunas is going nowhere with his contract and ties to the front office so hopefully he finds that automatic shot he left in Israel last year.

Jackson has too much money tied up to be let go but in an absolute even situation you would just let him walk with all of the distractions he's caused the team. He CAN be a good player at times but he certainly isn't consistent and there would be enough talent to fill in for his absence. John Edwards could easily make the cut list too, especially if his back continues to show signs of a chronic problem.

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