Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mike Brown Left Some Baggage

Former Pacers assistant coach Mike Brown forgot some baggage when he left town for the head job in Cleveland last year. That baggage, which is tagged with the name Stephen Jackson, should be Fed Exed to Brown since he's apparently the only one who knows what to do with him. Brown was instrumental in bringing Jackson to the Pacers because he had a strong player/coach relationship with Jack during their championship days with the Spurs. I'm more than willing to take my chances without Jack this year after getting a taste of some of the young, hungry players currently fighting for a spot on the team. Even without Jack there isn't enough room so why not clean the slate and beg Mike Brown to take in his prodigal son and set him straight.

Too bad the salary cap rules for trades make this thought nearly impossible. Plus, Mike Brown is a smart man so I'm sure he's not picking up any calls from the 317.

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