Friday, October 13, 2006

JO Squashes Ugly Police Report

Pot was found in a Tahoe registered to Jermaine O'Neal. Fortunately JO wasn't found in the Tahoe with the weed. Doesn't appear to be a big deal at all (well, for Michael Williams yes, for JO no), but in light of the last week's events this will get blown way out of proportion.

UPDATE: WTHR has an update with comments from JO. He was able to jump out in front of this issue to squash any controversy.

From story: O'Neal says this has nothing to do with him and that he will "take the SUV back and give it to someone who really needs it."

UPDATE II: The car was a bought by O'Neal for a friend and a friend of the friend was pinched in the Tahoe. JO: Not my car.

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