Sunday, October 15, 2006

Preseason Game 2 vs. Utah Jazz

I was unable to watch any of the Pacers-Jazz preseason game on Saturday. After reviewing the box score and hearing the post-game analysis from Mark Boyle, I’m glad I missed this one. A review of the box score reveals a few items of interest (and disgust).

  • Pacers had 23 turnovers to only 13 assists. Utah wasn’t any better with 28 turnovers. Again, I’m glad I missed this one.
  • Al and JO led the team in scoring. Al made 14-18 from the charity stripe improving on his 1-6 from the line in game 1. Now, hit the boards Al!
  • At 38, Darrell Armstrong is showing he still has some spark left to add to this team. He seems to energize the play on the floor instantly.
  • Sarunas Jasikevicius again has no impact and doesn’t make a field goal. Saras is now 1-9 from the floor in the preseason. For a guy paid to make shots he’s gotta pick it up or there’s no reason to hang on to him.
  • Maceo Baston missed the game with a sore foot. Naturally, a guy comes out of nowhere and appears to be ready to make a strong contribution to the Pacers playing rotation and he quickly gets injured. Please, please, please, let me not hear the combination of “chronic sore foot” and “Maceo Baston” in the same sentence during the regular season.
  • I almost forgot. Stephen Jackson made his preseason debut, weathering a few outbursts of boos. With a crowd about 5,000 short of a sell out, it was about as good as Jack could've hoped for.
  • Another note on Jack, he showed up for the game with his hair shaved down. Something about a clean start. Please, enough with the symbolism, just show me!
  • Next game, tomorrow night (Monday) against the Timberwolves.

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