Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lakers 101, Pacers 87: Pacers Limp Home

After winning two of the first three games on the road, the Pacers limp home losing the last three including last night's game against the Lakers, 101-87. Read the AP recap of the game which is far more concerned with Kobe Bryants ankle (he sprained it) than the suddenly slumping Pacers. Some quick observations:
  • Looked like the Pacers took their road weary status and ran with it. Midway through the first quarter they fell down double digits and never really recovered the rest of the way.

  • Famous Hollywood producer Reginald Miller was sitting courtside looking an awful lot like Uncle Reg with his UCLA hat on.

  • The Lakers destroyed the Pacers in the front court. Not only did the Lakers win the rebound battle, 41-28, but their starting front cour nearly outscored the Pacers starting five.

  • Kobe Bryant played a different game than I'm used to seeing him play. Granted he launched his share of 3-balls, but he seemed to play a much more team oriented game which shows up with three other starters in double figures.

  • If the Zen Master can get consistent production from Andrew Bynum, the Lakers are going to be a tough out in the Spring.

  • The Pacers bench showed up ready to go. Baston, Saras, and Granger all played well and kept this game from being a complete blow out.

  • A return home doesn't make things any easier on the Pacers as their set to face the best team in the East, Orlando on Wednesday.

(Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

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